Do you shop on Amazon? (I mean, who doesn't right now?)

Did you know that you can support Skaggs Elementary with each purchase? A few seconds to set up is all it takes.


On a computer, if you type in the word 'smile.' before, you will be brought to the same Amazon site, but on the fundraising side. . It's easy to do from your mobile app as well. Just click on the menu button and turn on AmazonSmile.


The first time you go to the 'Smile' side, you will be asked to choose the organization that you want to support. Search for 'Skaggs Elementary' and you will be able to choose "PTA Texas Congress 7451 Skaggs Elementary". Then just use Amazon like you always have. Everything is exactly the same.


Do you have family and friends that wouldn't mind taking a minute and choosing Skaggs? It cost the purchaser nothing but benefits our Stars!


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Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

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Your gift will help strengthen family and community engagement at our school. You can be a powerful voice for all children and an advocate for public education by supporting your PTA. 

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