Texas PTA Lifetime Membership Award Winners 2021-2022 - Skaggs Elementary PTA


Leslie Gold

As a grade-level coordinator, Leslie has been at the core of PTA’s efforts to develop and maintain strong connections between families, students, and teachers despite the challenges of the pandemic. Leslie always brings creative, yet practical ideas to the table that make you say “that’s genius!” over and over. She knows the value of our kids seeing their families involved at school, and she will jump in to help with just about anything at a moment’s notice–from planning amazing class parties to smiling while serving snow cones in the rain.  


Lisa Hamid

As our ESL Specialist at Skaggs, Lisa is dedicated to helping her students feel at ease while instilling a love of learning English. She empowers her students to be active participants in their classes, but her efforts extend beyond the classroom. She is a consistent supporter of our PTA’s outreach efforts. She inspires us to reject language differences as barriers to belonging, and she is always there to help us welcome all families within our school community.



Yoosook Lee

Yoosook’s dedication to volunteerism and the mission of PTA shines through in all that she does. As a grade-level coordinator, Yoosook will do whatever it takes to make a program or event successful. She is a conscientious leader who uplifts and encourages those around her, while also being a master at planning and execution. She is passionate about helping children learn and have fun at the same time, and she goes the extra mile to make our school a place that our kids always want to be.   


Miao Wang

Miao is an amazing grade-level coordinator for PTA. She is a team player dedicated to community building. She works hard to encourage family engagement because she knows the power that bringing family and school together has to improve outcomes for our children. We can always rely on Miao to put in the work, and our school community is a better place because of her.  

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